Woodley Carnival Dog Show - Saturday 8th June

For the 7th, and final, time, Dogcology hosts the annual dog show on Carnival day.

Download the registration form here to complete ahead of the day  

Bring your form with payment BEFORE the carnival opens via the special dog show gate open from 10.30 - 1.30 on the day.  Or come to the registration tent once the event is open to fill in a form & get your entry number.

Groomology Covid-19 arrangements

We will, of course, be following the latest government advice, as well as the guidelines from the grooming federation.  Protecting you our customer from local outbreaks and periods of self-isolation remains our highest priority, so that you and us stay safe and to enable us to continue to be there for your dogs when you need us. To keep everybody safe, we will continue to have the drop off and collection process we have been using since the lock down in March. 
Please ensure you drop off at the correct time, and, please do not be late picking your dog up, this causes issues through the whole day with cleaning down and the next client coming to drop their dog off. We do not want appointments overlapping and we pride ourselves on one to one grooming and do not want dogs hanging around whilst others that may be nervous are coming in for their groom.

My air-conditioned grooming salon in Woodley welcomes dogs of all breeds, ages & coats to benefit from my state-of-the-art grooming tools

Grooming Services
  • Full groom with hand dry

  • Fur cut/clipped to breed standard

  • Maintenance groom

  • Ear & eye cleaning

  • Nail clipping

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