Grooming to breed standards OR your specific requirements

Wash & Brush-Up
  • Full overall check to assess coat and skin condition (e.g. fleas, cuts etc.).
  • Bath - washes suited to the findings above.
  • Special attention to eyes & ears plus, if necessary, nails trimmed.
  • Hand drying using a quiet machine for minimum disturbance to your dog.
Groom Plus
  • Full wash & brush-up as above
  • Trim & style coat to the breed standard or to your specific requirements.
Puppy introduction

Getting your pup used to the grooming process at a young age will help them just take it in their stride in future.  I ensure this first experience is both fun and enjoyable, allowing puppy to have a good sniff around to feel at ease.

If needed, further visits whilst a puppy can include a simple bath and dry in a fun environment so visits to Groomology are nothing to fear.